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摩崖 Devotional Petroglyphs
       –– Anthology・・・・・・疊獻
       –– Impression  ・・・・・・印記





As a slice of history, the cliff texture recorded the complex forming process related to earth, water, fire, and air. Its energy is substantial yet fluid. Every element of Mother Nature mutually infiltrates, similar to the symbiosis between humans and living things in the universe. In other words, this natural rock art can be regarded as the accumulation of her nourishment and protection.

Once humans identify 'the ecological self' with coexistence based on mutualism, an inclusive worldview on interactive dynamics and connections may derive from that. Thus, while exploring the natural environment and seeking who we are, people may realise they are Nature itself and part of it rather than being dominators. As long as human beings have such perceptions, the world within and without will harmoniously synchronise and inclusively be as one further.


In return for received grace, these petroglyphs are collected as devotional presents for Mother Earth and blessings for the world.

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