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作品集 Portfolio vol.1




.表達 — 顯露與隱藏

.識別 — 刻板印象與重新定義

.過渡 — 內求與外求

.再生 — 逆境與順境

.象徵 — 結構組態與蘊藏意涵


Metaphysical dualism, the distinguishing characteristic of me as well as the motif of the portfolio, is embodied in the design of book-binding and content-editing. To be more specific, this selected collection of my artworks actually represents accomplishment of personal observation, analysis and integration.


Five themes of the book:

. Expression — Revealing & Concealing

. Identification — Stereotype & Redefinition

. Transition — Outward-seeking & Inward-seeking

. Regeneration — Adversity & Prosperity

. Symbolisation — Configuration & Implication

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