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轉化 Transformation

建築裡光影變幻,透過攝影解構立體成平面, 再解構平面重組成立體,似書非書,描述著遍尋出路的心境。





Lights and shadows constantly vary within the architecture. White doesn't indicate absolute void; black doesn't represent substantial existence.

The architecture was deconstructed and subsequently recomposed into a graphic representation. Afterwards, the collage of these elements was dismantled and rearranged into a new 3D structure. It is analogous to a book with narratives of mental phenomena. The exterior and the interior imply subtle sentiments of being besieged and struggling to find a way out.

Phenomena occur within the microcosm, presenting every possibility through energy fluctuation, actually not exist until it is perceived and measured.

Reality and fantasy coexist synchronously; either will be manifested only when observers give interpretations based on their perspectives.

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